How LOZURI Used Intelligems to Test AI-Powered Product Discovery on Shopify

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+37.81% conversion rate increase

+39.96% revenue increase


Ain’t that beautiful? The numbers speak for themselves, but if we didn’t have a blog post explaining how and what happened, did it really happen?

Our client, LOZURI, wanted to determine if Google’s search algorithms could outperform LOZURI’s existing product discovery solution, Boost AI Search & Discovery. Lofty goals call for bold, calculated decisions—our agency was the first to test with Nimstrata to achieve these results. Read the script on how we partnered with LOZURI, Nimstrata, and Intelligems to implement a blockbuster CRO initiative.




LOZURI offers a unique selection of luxury products, featuring rare finds from renowned brands in fashion design online that aren’t easily available in local stores. The catalog includes brand new bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories 


Nimstrata, founded by a former Googler, is a certified Google Cloud partner and has built the first and only fully-managed service to connect Shopify stores directly to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for Retail


Intelligems provides e-commerce companies the tools to run experiments, personalize offers, and optimize prices. Their solutions include an A/B testing tool to measure lift and statistical significance.



LOZURI wanted improved conversion rates from product search and discovery and was interested in Google’s Retail API. Implementing Vertex AI on Shopify on your own can be challenging, BUT… (we love a good cliffhanger)



Nimstrata built an app to make implementation seamless, and LOZURI was the first enterprise customer to use the solution. As a launch partner of Nimstrata’s Search & Discovery Shopify app, we collaborated with them to define the most important features and capabilities of an end-to-end solution that places Google-powered search and recommendations on Shopify stores.


  • Boost AI Import Speeds—LOZURI features a catalog approaching 400,000 SKUs, so speed is of the essence. We worked together to maximize Shopify’s GraphQL throughput and Google Cloud’s API limits. Inventory, pricing, and collections are updated in real-time, and at least one daily catalog synchronization ensures products are quickly available online.
  • Boost AI Search Results —While Boost AI returned “OK” search results, it couldn’t identify search queries, and they weren’t as accurate compared to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for Retail. LOZURI recognized a significant drop in “no results found” search results and a boost in CTR to relevant product pages.


  • Search Page App Block—Delivering relevant search results with dynamic faceting and filtering for customers who use queries and keywords to find items.
  • Collection Page App Block—Delivering a tailored category browsing experience for users who primarily use site navigation to find items.
  • Customized App Blocks—The Nimstrata team customized CSS styles to match LOZURI’s luxury branding and ensure an accurate A/B test against Boost AI.


Finding an A/B testing tool that could compare multiple Shopify themes proved challenging. Many existing apps required intricate setup procedures that could adversely affect user interaction, while others were limited to testing individual page types rather than entire themes.



We used Intelligems to test Nimstrata’s Search & Discovery Shopify app to measure the uplift of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI on their catalog. Intelligems supports a variety of A/B testing types, including price, templates and layouts, copy, images, welcome offers, and more. We implemented a theme vs. theme test, which allowed us to split-test Shopify themes to determine which is the best for conversion, revenue, and profit.


  • Assess the potential revenue and conversion uplift offered by Nimstrata’s Search & Discovery Shopify app compared to Boost AI.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for Retail algorithms on LOZURI’s luxury goods catalog.

We were able to harness the Intelligems Shopify app to answer the following questions:

  • Does replacing search results and collection pages with Google-powered merchandising increase conversions and/or revenue?
  • Do different Vertex AI Recommendations models perform better than others?
  • Can Intelligems provide confidence and statistical significance of the results?


Through comprehensive testing facilitated by Intelligems, we were able to confirm that using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail on their website was much better than their current solution:

Following a 50,000+ visitor A/B test over two weeks with a 97.5% confidence level, the test showed that Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail solution increased conversion rate by 37.81% and revenue per visitor by 39.96%.




Our very own Rob Widdick, partner and Interactive Director at 36, was as close to this process as anyone. (He’s also as close as you can get to a Rotten Tomatoes review of CRO initiatives).

We’re able to provide more meaningful results with Google Vertex AI Search for Retail— even when the search term was not an exact match. Our collection pages are better tailored towards the visitor and their browsing journey, improving search and browsing. We’ve seen a significant drop in ‘no results found’ and a significant increase in overall engagement resulting in better conversion rates.

— Rob Widdick, Co-Founder & CEO of Lozuri



That’s a wrap. LOZURI’s initiative proved the importance of data-driven decision making in CRO. Contact us today if you’re seeking CRO optimization for your e-commerce business.

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