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When it comes to interactive, our development team creates pure magic. Working in an iterative process, they ensure pixel-precise perfection and bring to life experiences that don’t just look amazing—they run seamlessly on all modern devices at lightning speeds.

Our work pushes businesses to whole new heights.



The way your site is developed can be the deciding factor between launching an invaluable business asset or a dumpster fire that you just can’t put out.

Our sites are built by a team of professionals that know their work will completely change the future of a business for the better.


WHAT IS Interactive Development?

Interactive development services turn design and strategy into usable digital experiences. Our development team tirelessly pursues current best practices to build solutions that are lightning fast, accessible to all audiences, and drop jaws 100% of the time.

ADA Compliance

At 36, ADA compliance isn’t an option, it’s mandatory. Outside of mitigating legal risk of not conforming, it’s the right thing to do. Web accessibility ensures users with disabilities have the same experience as everyone else.


Thorough testing is the only surefire way to find bugs, ensure compatibility across browsers, and fine tune your site’s functionality. Testing may include unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.


An out-of-the-box Shopify store doesn’t always provide everything your online business needs. Once we define your goals and challenges, we can create a tailored solution that eliminates any hurdles in the buying journey.


If you can click it, there was front-end dev work, my friend. Our front-end work can be 2D or 3D, but it’s always show-stopping. We call the sexy, smooth movement of our scroll effects “smoothment” around here. Don’t steal it.


Everything you can’t see that’s working hard behind the scenes is the back-end. The back-end is responsible for storing data, managing users, and more. Our back-ends are built to perform so that the face of your site can shine.

Content management systems

Content management systems allow you to quickly and efficiently manage content. We help pick the correct CMS for you and your purpose, all while saving time and money.

Plus way more services like...

Hubspot Integration
Responsive Development
Tech-stack innovation
Iterative Improvements
Ongoing Management
Monthly Maintenance

[36] was impressive from the jump. The team understood our voice and place in the market and crafted fresh & creative ways to breathe new life into our brand. They’ve quickly become an extension of our team and we really value the seamless back and forth that moves our projects forward efficiently.

Erin HeardHead of Global Communications @ Loomis Sayles

How 36 Does web Development

Our experts know the latest web development tactics like the top of their mouse. If you find the world of development intimidating, you should also know that our developers are also masters of making sure every client understands what they’re working on.

This is just a taste of the typical breakdown for our approach.


Interactive Development Work

Prepare to be wowed by the web wizardry we create for our clients.

Even when it looks like we’re just chilling, we’re backstage juggling fire and wrestling with dragons to bring those mind-blowing sites to life. NBD.

Rob Widdick
Rob WiddickInteractive Director and Partner @ 36

Our Interactive Development Team

These kings of code, sultans of sudo, and colossuses of cloud lead the charge on our dev team. Their greatness is legendary.

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Sun’s out, guns out.

Rob Widdick

Mike Peterman
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Hey. It’s me, Mike.

Michael Peterman

Derek Hall
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The air guitar superstar.

Derek Hall

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