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Think of growth marketing strategy as refining the secret formula behind success and growth. It’s an iterative plan where we measure, refine, and adjust tactics to help businesses expand, profit, and achieve their long-term goals.

Essentially, we crack the code to customer loyalty.


Why GROWTH Strategy?

Growth marketing helps you find new customers, enter new markets, improve your current marketing, and launch new products or services. It is an ongoing plan that evolves over time, helping your business grow in a sustainable and profitable way.


What is GROWTH strategy?

At 36, we don’t just want to build you a strong foundation; we want to be here for the wins and the losses after the big launch. The work we do in growth strategy helps you build your business as we evolve with you every step of the way.

Brand Activation

One of the hardest things your business has to do is launch. As a fledgling brand with no recognition, every move counts (especially on a tight budget). We work with you to create an achievable plan for movement with momentum.

Data Analysis

Reporting on the analytics of marketing is pretty standard. But digging into data and translating insights is what sets caring agencies apart from the rest. We want to learn, and help you understand what the data means.


Our team is multi-talented and generous with their knowledge. Providing tech stack and process suggestions are one of the ways we’re constantly looking for opportunities to help you improve. Any way to help is a win for us.

marketing CALENDARs

A standard tool we use for all of our clients is an annual calendar of all the tactics, events, and milestones we have planned. This keeps us on track, keeps everything visible to the whole team, and ensures delivery on time.

paid ad management

From traditional to digital, we build a plan that fits your budget, utilizes industry innovations, and gets your brand in front of the exact people that you’re looking to attract.

Campaign Concepts

Working collaboratively with our creative and brand teams, we produce charismatic, captivating, and memorable campaigns that boost the power of our strategic work.

Plus way more services like...

A/B Testing
Blog Writing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Monthly Reporting
Social Media

How 36 does GROWTH strategy

Whether you’re an established business looking for a new ongoing relationship or a new brand that’s looking to plan a launch, we want to dig in and work together to build a winning plan for you.

Embrace the beauty of iterative growth: mistakes are the stepping stones to progress, and progress is the map to success.

Trent Sanders
Trent SandersManaging Partner @ 36

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