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Imagine a world where every touchpoint for your brand feels intentional and unforgettable. That song from Willy Wonka should be playing in your head because we really are building a world of pure imagination. But we don’t just make things look pretty! We craft brand experiences that touch people on a deeper level.

We build visual languages that tell brand stories.


Why Creative Design?

If we’re being real with you, we look at our site analytics. No one is asking “why design services?” You guys love looking at our work and it speaks for itself. Still, it’s important to know that you get more than what you see when you work with 36.


WHAT IS Design?

“Design” just means a “plan for solving a problem.” When we talk about graphic design, we mean someone on our talented team is strategically solving your problems with creative skill and experience.

Branding Design

Your logo is important, but it’s not the whole story. Branding design is about crafting a visual identity that captures your brand’s essence in everything you do. We don’t just make things look good; we make them resonate.

Logo Design

Your logo is on the front lines of your brand identity. It’s the first impression, the visual handshake. Our logos are crafted to be unforgettable marks that can serve as the cornerstone of your branding.

Website Design

These days, you website is usually your most important brand asset. Our creative, UX, content, and development teams work collaboratively to build sites that are beautiful, functional, powerful, and user-friendly.

Packaging Design

Great products deserve a grand entrance. Packaging and labels should be clear, attention-grabbing, and differentiate your brand. Our packaging tells part of your brand story from the moment it’s in someone’s hands.

Digital + Social Ads

It’s not enough to just hope people show up for your product; you need a megaphone saying what you do differently to the right people at the right time. Our digital ads do just that with concepts no one else could have cooked up.

Animation/Motion Graphics

Whether you want to grab attention, explain complex ideas, or tell your story, animation is a dynamic way to entertain your audience without losing the meaning of your message.

Plus way more services like...

3D Rendering
Experiential Design
In-Store Graphics
Out of Home Ads
Print Ads

[36] was impressive from the jump. The team understood our voice and place in the market and crafted fresh & creative ways to breathe new life into our brand. They’ve quickly become an extension of our team and we really value the seamless back and forth that moves our projects forward efficiently.

Erin HeardHead of Global Communications @ Loomis Sayles

How 36 Does Creative

This is a tough one to talk about because our designers work on such a wide range of projects—some we’d say are in the world of branding, some marketing, and some interactive.

Without opening up that philosophical can of worms, here are the broad strokes you can expect.


Design and Creative Work

If you haven’t already, feast your eyes on these visual treats.

Design is the visual ambassador of your brand. It helps you connect to your audience and gives your brand impact.

Chris Massie
Christopher MassieCreative Director @ 36

Our design team

Our entire design team couldn’t fit here, but know that every face on our squad sits a few inches in front of a brilliant, creative mind.

Chris Massie
Quick Bio

Big man, small dogs.

Christopher Massie

Lauren Contic
Quick Bio

good vibes. great design.

Lauren Contic

Angel Augusto
Quick Bio

hey, girl. it's me.

Angel Augusto

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