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What is content strategy? Well, do you know someone that always says the right thing at the right time? They’re magnetic, charming, and only get more captivating the more you talk to them. Content strategy makes you that person.

We make content more meaningful and less work.


Why content strategy?

Site content is the bridge connecting your brand to the world, and your audience to their goals. When content is built right, your site is a smooth ride. If your bridge is wobbly (or it’s starting to look more like a maze), we’re here to help.



Content strategy and design are a problem-solving combo. They drive writing that says what your audience wants to read, and prevent writing from being a huge pain in the ass.

Content design

Think of this as problem-solving with words. We make sure each page on your site says just what your user needs to hear at the right time and in a way they’ll actually read! Plus, this is a lot of hard work we’re taking off your plate.

inventories + audits

The first step to fixing your writing is seeing where it all lives, understanding what works, and deciding what should retire. For all of you content hoarders, this also reveals the hidden stuff you forgot you had laying around.

Governance planning

This is especially helpful if you have multiple internal authors writing your ongoing content. When content is out of date or not published on schedule, it hurts your brand. We can help you get on track and eliminate extra upkeep.

Messaging strategy

A sales pitch and a recommendation from a friend have different vibes, right? We’ll help you identify the value you offer your user, what proof supports it, and express all of that in a genuine way that lets users know you get them.

Voice and tone

Brands with personality serve their audiences better, but you can’t sound fake and need to cater your tone to what they’re doing. Through research, we strategize how to write for your brand consistently and meaningfully.

Copywriting and 
UX Writing

Copywriting persuades and UX Writing facilitates a specific UX goal. Either way, even if you’re a great wordsmith, having specialists write your site will save time and boost efficacy.

Plus way more services like...

Content Mapping
Content Models
Content Style Guides
Communications strategy
Information Architecture
Modular Content
Persona Development
Testing and Analysis

How 36 does content strategy

Whether we’re starting fresh or decluttering content chaos, our mission is to truly get you, your site’s purpose, the voice of your brand, the readers you serve, and ways to empower your authors.


Content Design + Strategy Work

Our portfolio speaks volumes, even if you skim through.

You can’t fix a badly-written site with design, and web writing isn’t good if users don’t want to read it. Content is a big deal.

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Our strategists and writers focus on crafting a genuine voice without forgetting it needs to resonate with your user.

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