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Do you know what your brand is? It’s not your logo. Your brand is the gut reaction your audience has when they hold your product or visit your site. Brand strategy lets you shape that feeling so it’s magical to your audience and they can’t live without it.

We make more people more loyal to your brand for way longer.


Why brand strategy?

Crafting your brand is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle—every piece matters but they’re scattered all over the place. Brand strategy brings them all together, even if some are missing.

In the end, we’ll make sure the picture that forms will turn your audience into a loyal tribe of passionate believers.



Brand strategy services align your brand execution and business strategy. We research your audience, stakeholder goals, and market opportunities to make you an irreplaceable solution to your audience’s problems.

Mission, Vision, Values

We’ll find your brand’s heartbeat and we won’t need a stethoscope. It’s a big deal because people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it. We’ll help identify what you stand for so you can attract a tribe of believers.

Brand Positioning

No one became the best by blending in with a sea of sameness. You want to be noticed, remembered, and irreplaceable. We’ll unveil your strongest differentiators and ensure your audience won’t settle for anyone else.

Brand Architecture

If you’re managing a portfolio of brands or products, it’s hard keeping things sorted when you’re growing all the time. We’ll formulate guidelines so that new additions maximize value and don’t cannibalizes business.

Brand Voice and Tone

Your brand design is only half of your brand’s personality. The other half isn’t even visual—it’s words. Your verbal identity is how your brand resonates in writing, and we ensure your audience will hang on every syllable.

Brand Naming

The only thing more foundational to your brand identity than your logo is your name. We craft well-written, one-of-a-kind names for businesses that want to kick things off the right way.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is more than writing; it’s the engine behind it. We take your value proposition and tailor it to your audience. In the end, you’re equipped to express your brand’s core across every medium.

Plus way more services like...

Brand Audits
Brand Standard Guides
Brand Stories
Brand Testing
Competitive Analyses
Focus Groups
Qualitative Interviews
Survey Analysis

[36] was impressive from the jump. The team understood our voice and place in the market and crafted fresh & creative ways to breathe new life into our brand. They’ve quickly become an extension of our team and we really value the seamless back and forth that moves our projects forward efficiently.

Erin HeardHead of Global Communications @ Loomis Sayles

How 36 does brand development

Crafting brand magic isn’t about following a script. Whether we’re developing a fresh brand, making strategic tweaks, or building an extension, the roadmap isn’t always linear. It’s a dance that you refine as you learn more.


Brand Strategy Work

Our brand strategies aren’t just talk: see the transformations.

36 brand strategy is uniquely formulated to inform design and writing. We find your “why” and show you what’s next.

Brian Grossman
Brian GrossmanDirector of Brand/Strategy and Partner @ 36

Our brand team

Our brand architects focus on authenticity, shelve preconceptions, and place your audience first.

Brian Grossman
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Brian Grossman

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