Front-End Developer

36 is looking for a talented front-end developer who can turn designs into rich, interactive user experiences. Being capable of creating intuitive cross-browser and device-agnostic experiences using the latest technologies is a must. Knowledge in front-end performance and optimizations, along with build automations, is strongly desired.

Candidates must have strong communication skills and be well-versed in current web standards, including the best practices for development and the desire to learn to technologies. An impeccable attention to detail is a must.



  • Convert final designs and functionality documentation into interactive pieces of art using the latest in web technologies
  • You can pick up existing projects to make changes or updates when necessary with minimal direction
  • You can, and strive to write clean, annotated code and other documents (readme, changelog, etc)
  • You love implementing build tools and other time efficient workflows; help optimize our internal processes when necessary
  • Working with the Account management, UX/UI, and design teams, you ensure alignment and can provide updates through timelines
  • You enjoy embracing and promoting best practices to create high-performing websites and codebases
  • You enjoy providing feedback at all levels



  • Ability to communicate with users and stakeholders at all levels, strong problem solving skills, and proactive and intuitive decisions are a must
  • Ability to work as a teammate, including integration into build processes
  • Expert understanding of web technologies, languages, layout techniques, etc.
  • Ability to test and debug code in many different environments
  • Experience in using GIT and ticket or task-based systems
  • Experience with 3rd party libraries and APIs
  • Desire to learn new technologies
  • Visual regression testing know-how a plus
  • 2d and 3d animations a plus
  • LAMP experience a plus
  • PHP knowledge a plus

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