Account Manager

36 is looking for an Account Manager with innate attention to detail, a knack for managing multiple projects simultaneously, and a passion for fostering collaboration within our team.

36 is committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. We pride ourselves on innovation, teamwork, and building lasting relationships with both our clients and employees. As an Account Manager at 36, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of our projects, contributing to our growth, and helping us maintain our reputation for excellence.


  1. Proven ability to manage multiple projects at a time while paying strict attention to detail
  2. Excellent time and project management skills
    1. Always looking for ways to improve inefficient processes
  3. Ability to present themselves articulately and confidently to client and internal teams
    1. Natural relationship-builder with integrity, reliability and maturity
    2. A good collaborative attitude and approach
    3. Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills
    4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    5. Ability to prioritize among competing tasks
    6. Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  4. 2+ years of account management experience (with agency background desired)
  5. Good+ level understanding of Project Management as a skill set
    1. Knows difference between Agile/Waterfall
    2. Understanding of branding and interactive projects
  6. Strong ability to manage budgets and invoicing
  7. Ability to look at a project strategically and find new opportunities for 36 growth



  1. Serve as the lead point of contact, liaise between Client and Internal Teams
    1. Ensure the timely and successful delivery of assets according to client needs and objectives
    2. Clearly communicate the progress of weekly/monthly/quarterly projects
    3. Establish internal relationships with 36 team to ensure collaboration
  2. Build and maintain strong, long-lasting client relationships
    1. Build deep relationships with valuable account leads
  3. Develop new business with existing clients and/or identify areas of improvement to assist in agency biz-dev efforts
  4. Help customers through email, phone, online presentations, screen-share and in-person meetings
  5. Keep clients satisfied and deliver exceptional client service on a day-to-day basis

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